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Online Candy Coated Chocolate Gems – Purple

Simple and delicious kosher Online Candy Store Canada coated chocolate “gems” in a classic round shape in a rich purple color! Individual colored gems are a smart candy choice for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, bridal/baby showers, or for any event where you need a specific candy color. Approx. 500 pieces per pound. This product is fragile and is especially heat sensitive. We will package carefully and with ice packs when needed however we cannot be responsible for damage incurred during shipping. Milk Chocolate Bar, 5-pound bar

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Give this as a gift this holiday season, or start dropping hints!

  • Creamy delicious milk chocolate goodness
  • A chocolate lovers dream come true
  • 5 pound candy bar
  • Great to give as a gift
  • Gluten free
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Buy Candy In Bulk

Where To Buy Candy Variety Pack of 32 Count of 4 Chocolate Flavors: 8 Pouches Divine Filled Chocolates Candy- Caramel 1 Oz, 6 Pouches Dreamy Cluster- Milk Chocolate 1 Oz, 9 Heavenly Crisp Candy Bars- Peanut Butter 0.77 Oz, 9 Bars- Milk Chocolate 0.77 Oz

  •     8 Pouches Caramel
  •     6 Pouches Milk Chocolate
  •     9 Bars Peanut butter Flavor
  •     9 Bars Mile Chocolate Flavor

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