Classified Website SEO Performance Improvement

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Has it ever happened to you that you want to sell something which is not in your use? Or sometimes you need something for a temporary purpose. But in these cases, you have no idea where to search for that thing or where to sell that thing. In such scenarios, classified apps will help you to buy or sell the stuff with abundant options.

Online advertising is cheaper, economical, and more effective compared to paper ads. Whether you sell goods or services, you have a tremendous opportunity of making it successful by posting an ad on the internet than by posting an ad in a newspaper. According to Statista, in 2019, worldwide revenue from classifieds will amount to almost 22 billion dollars. That’s almost 10 percent higher than last year.

Classified websites offer a platform for everyone who wants to move their garage sale online but doesn’t want to build their own webpage. On a classified site, users typically don’t do anything to promote their ads; the only thing they need to do is place them.

How to create an online classified website

You can build a classified website like OLX in the following ways.

  • Using WordPress themes for classifieds
  • Hire a team of developers and create a classified website from scratch.

1. Using WordPress Themes

When you start surfing on the web, you’ll find a huge number of tutorials and recommendations for creating a classified website using WordPress templates. Building your own classified website in this way is the simplest process ever. You don’t need to be an expert in coding or have any experience building a website — it only needs some basic HTML and CSS knowledge.

Moreover, the cost to make a website like OLX based on a WordPress template is really low. In fact, there are even free templates, meaning you’ll basically only pay for a domain name and maintenance.

Unsurprisingly, there are downsides. Here are some of them:

  • The prominent problem with any template is that it’s not novel. The same template can be used by many to build a website like an OLX. So your website will basically be the same as many others that use this same template. Unless you plan to create a classified ads website for a small niche with very few or no competitors, making a complete clone of something that already exists might not be a successful idea.
  • When you create a website using a script or a template, including a WordPress template, you’re restricted in terms of integration. Adding features to a WordPress template-based site is challenging, sometimes even impossible. Besides, you’ll need a specialist to do that without breaking something along the way, and if you’re hiring a specialist, why don’t you do things properly from the start?
  • WordPress templates sometimes have difficulties with big data flows. As the number of website visitors grows, WordPress will surely start having performance issues. So if you’re planning to grow and expand your business maybe go global in the long run, WordPress isn’t the best choice.
  • These concerns are nothing. You might face data safety issues, constraints related to monetization, and more. All in all, a WordPress template is a good choice for a niche business, but not if you want to classified ads website builder like OLX. If you want your website to be unique, safe, stable, and successful a website development company is your best to build from scratch.

2. Hiring a team of developers and create a classified website from scratch.

If you’re aiming at the scale of OLX, not at building a local classified website, ready-made solutions won’t meet your requirements.

To create your own classified ads website that’s unique and customized to your every need, it’s better to hire professionals. It won’t be an instant solution and it won’t be cheap, but if you’re planning to upgrade and grow your business, custom development is the better choice. Benefits a development company offers include:

  • A website tailored to your goals
  • Research to help you find a unique value proposition
  • Knowledge of up-to-date technologies and trends
  • Unique design
  • Changes and additions based on performance
  • Testing, evaluation, and launch assistance
  • Post-launch upgrades and support

Working with a professional development company will provide the chance to build a successful and flawless website. A team of developers will help you come up with a set of features that are necessary and cut out those that aren’t. You’ll have a completely unique website design. And everything will be tested before launch so you can gather feedback and increase your chances of success.

If you choose a company that builds apps alongside websites, when your business grows, you can order mobile apps from a team that already knows what you want and how your business works. Mobile apps are a great way of expanding an online business.

The Key Features of the OLX

  1. Easy registration & login
  2. One can post a free ad with a verified phone number
  3. One can buy or sell products like mobile phones, electronic gadgets, cars, bikes, property, furniture, fashion items, and books, etc.
  4. Users can flier search to find preferred buyer/seller
  5. Private chatting option with sellers, and safe negotiation about the price
  6. As a special feature, users can get their car inspected by Mahindra Autoinspekt
  7. Real-time alerts and notifications about other buyers & sellers who are nearby
  8. App attracts users with the most popular and trending deals in their city
  9. The user can save ads or products that he wants to buy in the near future


We have seen here how to clone of OLX can be created easily. If we see the total cost. There are various factors that will impact the cost of development. Going with a WordPress theme might save a lot of amounts but it has so many restrictions. Here at US, an expert team of Analysts, Developers, QA will listen to your requirement and assist you in building a classified website like OLX.