Driving Lesson Tips for New Learners

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Before You Take Your Driving Test Make Sure That You Are Carrying Out The Following Tips:

Check that your car is roadworthy and that the engine is in good working order.

Book a number of pre-test driving lessons covering the test route.

Check that your tax, insurance and NCT disk, if appropriate, are valid.

Study rules of the road carefully, including the identification of road signs and hand signals.

Make sure that you can open the bonnet and identify where the oil dipstick and windscreen wash is located.

Practice hill starts, starting off, roundabouts, reversing etc…

Driving Lessons

Demonstrate technical checks, such as air pressure and the condition of the tires.Ensure that you know how to open the bonnet and are able to identify and check for levels of engine oil, coolant, brake fluid and windscreen wash.Check lights, indicators, reflectors, steering, horn, and brakes, including handbrakes.

Know How To Identify And Operate All Secondary Controls

Practice all aspects of the driving test – moving off, roundabouts, corner reverse, turnabout, hill start, and drive with due regard for the safety and convenience of other road users.

Do’s and Dont’s on Test Day


  • Arrive early for your test appointment
  • Bring your current Irish Learner Permit.
  • Take a one-hour driving lesson along the test route prior to the test.
  • Take breathing exercises if feeling nervous
  • Regard yourself as being in complete control of the car
  • Ask the examiner to repeat the instruction if it is not clear or you do not understand
  • Make sure that you have covered all of the necessary practice required on the lead up to the test.


  • Be late
  • Be put off by the examiner’s formal approach. It is designed to ensure fairness to all applicants
  • Assume you have failed the driving test because you may have made a mistake – accept it and move on
  • Look at what the examiner is doing
  • Look down at the gears or handbrake
  • Be afraid to repeat a maneuver if you feel you didn’t quite get it right