Hormone Estrogen and Progesterone

Estrogen and progesterone are the female sex hormones . Especially the female sex hormone estrogen, but men and women make estrogen. Women, of course, has a higher level than that. Femininity is the essence of estrogen. Estrogen enlarges breast and pelvic expand, and stated that the curvy, sexy appearance. Estrogen also stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, increase alertness, reduce body fat, protects against heart disease and Alzheimer ’s, improve insulin sensitivity and improve glucose tolerance.

During the reproductive years, a woman makes estrogen every day of the month. The ovaries produce progesterone side effects, another female sex hormone, during the two weeks before a woman’s period.

Although people often think of estrogen as a whole, this hormone is actually three different biochemical molecules that the body produces naturally. Three estrogen molecules have different activities that make them more or less ” estrogenic ”

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Estradiol is made from the ovary, and give them the appearance of curvy women.

Estrone is made from the fat body.

Estriol is present in small quantities and is mostly made during pregnancy.

Around the age of menopause, this molecule plays a different part in the creation of a shift of fat tissue – fat from the buttocks to the abdomen, and a lot more belly fat – it was done after a vicious circle. As a result, it becomes difficult to lose weight. If you do not support the production of estrogen, you will gain weight.

Symptoms of low estrogen or estrogen deficiency can occur at any age, but they are more prominent in the menopause. They include hot flashes, night sweats, headaches, vaginal dryness, mental confusion, frequent bladder infections, decreased sexual response, and body weight. Symptoms of too much estrogen, including depression, bloating, pounding headaches, breast swelling, and excessive vaginal bleeding.

How Estrogen and Progesterone Balance Fund

Here is an example of how estrogen and progesterone work together to maintain a healthy balance. Estrogen causes breast stimulation – progesterone protects. Estrogen increases body fat – progesterone use fat for energy. Estrogen causes fluid retention – progesterone is a natural diuretic. Estrogen increases blood clotting – progesterone normalizes it. Estrogen lowers sex drive – progesterone restores it. Estrogens increase the risk of breast cancer – progesterone helps prevent it.

Signs of Estrogen and Progesterone Imbalance

Fibrocystic breasts , loss of libido , depression , low thyroid , facial hair , hot flashes , foggy thinking , insomnia , heart palpitations , bone loss , water retention , blood sugar irregularities , PMS , mood swings , fatigue , irritability , fibroids , uterus , weight gain , irregular menstruation , headaches , cramps , allergies , hair thinning , high blood pressure , symptoms of menopause , infertility , increased risk of cancer .

Progesterone, another female sex hormone, estrogen downregulates the activity. Progesterone is produced by the ovaries. It reduces anxiety and has a calming effect on mood. It makes happy. Postpartum depression is caused by a rapid decline in progesterone levels. Progesterone increases sleepiness, helps to build and maintain bones, slow digestion, increase appetite and fat storage ( which is important in pregnancy), helps mature breast tissue, and breast milk production preparing.

Low progesterone levels can occur at any age, but especially production fell by about menopause. Symptoms of low progesterone or progesterone deficiency include premenstrual symptoms such as a premenstrual migraine, irregular menstruation or weight gain, and anxiety. Women can suffer from excessive progesterone if they take too much hormone replacement, symptoms include drowsiness, sleepiness, and depression.

Estrogen and progesterone have suffered because of our modern diet. Excess sugar and fat removal of natural causes serious disruption in this important sex hormone. It is no wonder infertility and early menopause has increased.

Female hormone important for men as well. Estrogen-sensitive male brain and too little estrogen can effectively neutral men. However, in men, excess estrogen is a real problem, especially as we get older. Too much caffeine and obesity can lead to excess production of female sex hormones instead of testosterone, the male sex hormone. Insecticides in the food chain we also have contributed to the phenomenon of excess estrogen in men. Imbalance of estrogen hormones – testosterone in men can translate into weight gain.