How to Find the Best Philadelphia Motorcycle Lawyer

Philadelphia Motorcycle Lawyer

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, we can help. An immediate no obligation consultation with a motorcycle accident injury lawyer at or simply send an email to and we will contact you. If you need immediate assistance outside of normal business hours please call the cell phone at to speak with an attorney right now. In appropriate cases we will come to your home or hospital for a consultation. There is no charge for a consultation. If you retain our office, our fee is based upon a percentage of compensation that you recover. In the event there is no recovery we do not hold clients responsible for case related expenses.

Welcome to the website of the Law Office Providence Rhode Island. We are located near downtown Providence. We are not a referral service like many other websites. Your consultation will be directly. Our office represents clients throughout Rhode Island and the neighboring communities. We focus our attention on the rights of people who receive personal injuries. We represent clients who have been injured and the families of individuals who have been affected by the negligence, recklessness, or carelessness of another person.

We have represented thousands of clients resolve their personal injury claims. We have handled injuries which have resulted from auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, dog bites, and slip and fall accidents. Not all personal injuries can result in a claim and/or recovery against a third person. With our extensive legal experience, we know which claims have merit and which claims do not.

Motorcycle Lawyer

Let’s be straightforward. You don’t go to a heart surgeon to conduct brain surgery. The same can be said when you seek a lawyer who is qualified to represent you for a serious injury. Lawyers practice in a variety of legal areas. Some lawyers restrict their practice to criminal law or real estate law. Other lawyers may practice in the area of family law or personal injury law. It is an exception that a lawyer is active as a general practitioner in all areas of law. As a general rule a lawyer is prohibited by the Rhode Island Supreme Court from advertising that he or she is a specialist in an area of law.

Many times, the ability to collect evidence lessens with time. An experienced Motorcycle Personal Injury Lawyer understands the discovery and preservation of important evidence. Furthermore, oftentimes a person makes statements to a representative of a responsible party, such as an insurance examiner, without regard for the significance of the content of his or her statement. The potential defendant’s representative understands how to obtain damaging admissions from a claimant.

Even further, Rhode Island, like all other states, sets a period of time in which a lawsuit must be filed to preserve a Claim for Personal Injuries. If you fail to file a lawsuit in a timely fashion, your right to recover will be forever barred. If you file your claim outside the specified statute of limitations, it will be barred forever. An experienced attorney will help you collect and preserve all critical evidence and file all necessary paperwork within the allotted time period. Read More