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Only a true data breach geek would be excited for this resource – a chronology of data breaches. The overall number they’re reporting as being the total number of records containing sensitive material being compromised in a data breach. That’s right over two hundred twenty million records.

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The thing that is amazing is that there is a statistic that says that of the one-third who were offered free or subsidized services, percent of them rated those services as good or excellent. The people who were offered and accepted a free or subsidized service, such as credit report monitoring, were times more likely to feel that the company was helpful in responding to their concerns.

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Among the information featured on the site is a recent study by The Ponemon Institute, “The Consumers Report Card on Protecting Patient Privacy And Data Security, which revealed percent of respondents were dissatisfied with data breach notification and as a result, percent said they terminated their relationship with the organization.

These services include breach assessment, notification and communications, monitoring and identity theft recovery components. Tailored to meet the individual needs of the private sector and government agencies, ID Experts is delivering a comprehensive approach to responding to data breach events that alleviates legal liability, manages public perception, and protects and restores individuals’ identities from identity theft.

The results of this study are quite informative. They can provide guidance to an organization in preparing for a data breach or in creating their data breach response plan. Some of the notable conclusions that reinforce the importance of the content of the notification letter and the offer that is provided to protect the breach.