Reach Your Audience with Data Breaches In Healthcare I go to it because the data quality is better. It’s telephone-verified and continuously updated. President, List Strategies This telephone-verified doctor database gives you access to doctor names, phone numbers, fax numbers, addresses, practice specialties and doctor specialties, patient volumes, hospital affiliations, health systems and medical groups. You can rely on this data because unlike many other data providers, research center telephone-verifies the doctor database at least twice per year. Imagine reaching 650,000 doctors from 226,000 doctor offices without the worry of inaccurate data.

Market to Data Breaches In Healthcare Using Multi-Channel Marketing the doctor database allows marketers to connect with audiences via email campaigns, direct mailing, fax broadcasts, and telemarketing. Our doctor email list includes the email addresses of 704,000 physicians.

Data Breaches In Healthcare

                                                                                 Data Breaches In Healthcare

Data Breaches In Healthcare Can Update Your Existing Doctor Database Just need to clean up your current doctor database? We offer services for doctor data maintenance to make sure the list you’re using brings you only the best marketing results. It can verify your data in our research center, append your data with any missing information, and correct any erroneous information. This kind of in-depth research will give you a 100-percent reliable and accurate customer database.

Guaranteed Quality is so confident in the quality and accuracy of its data that we even offer a 100-percent deliver ability guarantee on the doctor mailing list. Why Databases are Better 27 years of service to the Data Breaches In Healthcare industry Audited yearly by BPA Worldwide NCOA updates are done quarterly Office-Based Physician database updates are reflected daily

All other database updates are reflected monthly Every record is telephone-verified every six months Business addresses—reach practitioners where they make business decisions Every record includes name, title, phone number and fax number.

Deep profiling information is available for every contact brings the Healthcare Data Breaches industry more than 27 years of service with the most trusted healthcare information solutions and databases. Our 60 highly trained research associates make 6,000 phone calls per day, telephone-verifying our databases.

These databases, which maintain over two million Data Breaches In Healthcare providers’ contact and profiling data, include 800,000-plus prescribers. In fact, many of our customers are from the nation’s most popular pharmaceutical and healthcare institutions. Hospital Data Breach supports research and marketing initiatives for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, managed healthcare and more.