Reupholstery Brooklyn New York

Described as a touch of class in an ocean of wonder, Indigo2ash Reupholstery Brooklyn Services offer a certain sophistication that among its many clients cut a particular dash in the world of Reupholstery, repair, and restoration of antique and modern furniture. One of the areas best-kept secrets, Indigo2ash is a name that enjoys continued success in its field. Due mainly to its ability to rely solely on the word of mouth recommendations of its vast array of satisfied customers.

Indigo2Ash Reupholstery Services provides the timeless tranquility of a tangible link with the countries past and the gentler side of it’s present. Mere facts and figures fail to reflect our understated all year round magnetism for the generations of regional and local residents who appreciate the meandering beauty of the handcraft skills of its master craftsmen at work.


Why Reupholstery?

Looks are everything, and the first impression in the most important impression as far as furniture is concerned. As mentioned Indigo2ash Upholstery is Brooklyn, NY ‘s “Top Rated” Upholsterer according to New York Magazine, and rated well by other magazines and journals. So now that you’ve made a clear choice that Indigo2ash Upholstery is a clear choice, why should you upholster in the first place? Well, if your furniture is under 8 years of age and you did not pay a lot for it, YOU SHOULDN’T. Today’s products are mostly made with pressed wood, which goes bad at the drop of humidity. Styrofoam and other replacements occupy the interior of most new cheaper furniture.

Typical Reupholstering Covered by Labor Usually Includes:

-Stripping of old fabric
-Stripping the piece down to a wooden skeleton
-Re-tighten the frame
-and starting all over again

Most of our fabric comes Scotch Guarded. However, we recommend a stronger treatment as an additional service called Soil Shield. Ask for details.