Search Engine Glossary – Some Basic SEO Terms


Stop Words

Words like “of,” “the,” “an,” “a”, and “with,” are known as stop words. The importance of stop words for a search engine is nothing as they are very common. A search engine doesn’t even look on those words or think about including these words in their index. That is why using many stop words is bad and not recommended. We highly care about not to (as less as possible) use stop words in Meta tags as it affects overall keyword search engine density and importance.


SEO San Jose Spiders are commonly known as robots, bot or crawler. The basic reason for why are they known as spiders is because they harvest information or data (from websites). It is mainly used by a search engine ranking for automatically exploring the World Wide Web (HTML content only). Once the spiders harvest the required information which can be a list of email addresses, hyperlinks or complete websites, they store it in an index (database).


A very innovative concept used by search engines like Google is known as stemming. Stemming is to deliver results based on a word’s root spelling.

For example, a search for “making money online” would also bring results about “make money online”


Supplemental Pages

Those pages which don’t exist at the moment but are showed in Google search engine result pages (SERP).


It is a text file which is placed in a web site’s root directory. This file is linked in the HTML code. It is one of the very important files for SEO’s, it allows San Jose SEO Services’s to control many aspects of the site such as giving robots the access to San Jose SEO Expert visit their site or deny them.