Things You Should Know About Extra Storage Space


Mission in Austin is so densely populated, many customers need to solve the problem to store objects, mini-warehouses can free up more Extra Storage Space for your family home more comfortable, or for businesses save valuable space, save a lot of expensive Commercial building rent. Mini Store focuses on providing high quality and comprehensive storage services to: Optimize the living space of Austin home Improve office space application and file storage efficiency Mini Warehouse Service and Facilities

The mini-warehouse area ranges from 12 square feet to 260 square feet, all of which are self-owned properties. On a monthly basis, there is no need to be bound by a long lease. The warehouse is cheap and inexpensive, freeing up valuable space from rented residential or office buildings. Easy access, 24 hours a day Extra Storage Space online surveillance video system, strict security system.

Extra Storage Space

Air conditioning control system: The temperature in the chamber is maintained at room temperature +/- 2’C. Humidity control system: the humidity in the warehouse is maintained at 40% to 70% Regular pest control measures. Independent intelligence and independent bins are provided for guests’ access. All warehouses are located in the area along the subway or train, convenient transportation. Free use of ladders and trolleys for customers to move goods.

Commercial Use: Extra Space Self Storage near me office documents, goods, office furniture, display boards, work tools, etc. In order to keep up with the market, the company needs to provide delivery of valet goods, as well as provide an address for business registration. Comfortable and spacious lobby customers can count goods in a Extra Storage Space.

Home Uses: Home renovation or relocation can be used as a short-term temporary depositor. Storing females loves to change their seasonal clothing and fur dolls or store star costumes. They own their own clothes room. The love book stores precious books that have been collected for many years. It creates a small library in the warehouse and can be stored in the warehouse. Comfortable environment to read.

Many men will Extra Storage Space their own collections, golf supplies, toy models, vinyl records, love letters, etc. Married men and women collect childhood memories, such as albums, children’s growth memories, or letters of recollection, to free up more valuable space for their relatives. Extra Space Storage Locations do not need long-term leases keys as long as customers hold mini storage units, you can twenty-four hours with touch-free access to smart card mini-warehouse storage and easy, no need to pay any fees or other telephone booking.