Basic Facts That You Should Know About Wastewater Testing

That You Should Know About Wastewater Testing | Choice Water Solutions

Did you also recently come across this new term called wastewater testing? Although you must have already heard that it is a very effective way but want to know what it is? In this article, we will be telling you what it is and how can it be a helpful idea in preventing the spread of COVID.

What is Wastewater testing?

Wastewater sampling and analysis is a process of monitoring the wastewater for finding the contaminants in it.

It is a useful way to detect the presence of any kind of virus or bacteria that might result causing any life-threatening disease.

For example, in the current situation, countries like the USA use this technique to identify the presence of the SARS -COV –2 viruses in localities to make it easy to recognize their spreading effect in the ongoing infection dynamism.

Wastewater Testing | Choice Water Solutions

Role of wastewater testing to detect SARS -CoV –2

  • Recently we are hearing that COVID is again returning at a rapid rate, and since it is not possible to detect how much COVID-19 has spread in your state at an early age, to access its growth rate in the community or the locality, leaders need to have accurate statistical data. Fortunately, there is a productive way to ensure that. This is through their water wastes.
  • Testing the water waste can be proven effectively reliable to detect the spread of COVID-19 in your community or state or locality. It is a simple process by which you can determine the presence of the viral SARS -CoV –2 (cause behind COVID-19 spread) debris in your locality.
  • Samples are collected daily and the test results typically come in less than a week and thus providing quick knowledge and updates about the spread of COVID-19. People might be infected with the virus and shed it through their feces unaware of their infection or maybe they remain asymptomatic.
  • The virus can be, therefore, in the wastewater, and thus when testing is conducted, it will easily be able to capture the presence of the virus in the remains shed by people who might or might not be having the symptoms. Therefore, this acts as an early warning awakening the communities about the spread of any virus. Once the health department is aware of it, they can take prompt actions to stop the spread as soon as possible.

Does wastewater testing have any general benefit?

A common question that might arise in your mind when reading the entire article is –Is there any general benefit that countries will get after adopting the wastewater testing process?

It is a YES!

Beyond this current ongoing crisis of the pandemic, this process of testing water waste can be economic to ensure the safety and good health of the communities by analyzing the various pathogens and their variants present in the wastewater.

When an effective analysis is done on time, more people can be saved from the risks of health diseases like hepatitis, influenza, chemicals drugs, pesticides, etc.


Now that you know more about wastewater testing, we hope that you will be able to spread this to as many people as possible so that they are also aware of the process and your locality also adapts the process soon.